Stroud Brewery

Stroud Brewery is an award winning brewery that focuses on delivering very tasty beers to the local community in the most sustainable way they can.

They repurpose their waste, minimise their resource usage, refrain from selling through supermarkets as well as raising finance locally and paying in to local coffers.

Making great beer is important to them, but so is doing something for Stroud and the surrounding area.

We wanted to capture the atmosphere around what they do.

At ShootRewind we focus on telling stories, whether that’s the story of a product, the story of a company, or in this case the story of an afternoon.

We arrived on a Friday as the brewery was being cleaned down for the weekend, the bar was being prepped for a busy evening and the pizza oven was being lit.

The light was bright, and the sun hot, a yeasty smell of brewing in the brewery and a hot pine-oil smell in the beer garden that gave way to the smell of cooking pizza and the hubbub of post referendum chatter.

One of the many special things about Stroud Brewery – and the thing that Greg Pilley asked us to capture, is that the brewery is just that during the week, producing their oft awarded ales. But come Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon and evening, it also becomes a favoured local watering hole.

Alongside the fantastic beer and frequent live music events, the Velo Bakery fire up their pizza oven, making traditional stonebaked pizzas using, (where possible) local and organic ingredients.

Whether you’re picking up a barrel for a party, having a swift half on your way home or bringing the whole family in for dinner, the atmosphere is heady, warm, and welcoming.

Once the brewery was powered down and the bar was open, people began to arrive. It started with collections, and people looking for a cold craft-beer on their way home from work. Later the groups of friends and families began to arrive and the beer garden started to fill up.

Hamish chose to focus on the Velo Bakery, covering their arrival and process, all the way down to eating the pizza, while James tried to capture the bubbling family atmosphere, each using their favoured Leica, Canon, and Hasselblad cameras.

When it came to photography we wanted to describe the ‘feel’ of our enterprise in pictures. We wanted to go beyond the beer to what the beer helps to build, the relationship between our team, our customers, and our community. These images have a beautiful quality, borne of classic cameras, film, and skill.

ShootRewind have captured our story.

Greg Pilley

Stroud Brewery

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