KKE Architects


Local architects KKE invited F8 Creates to rebuild their website. As part of that project, Shoot Rewind were given the job of reshooting the team head shots.

Not satisfied with just taking a few portraits, we also provided some office reportage and a few shots of their office space for general use within the finished website.

The chosen location for the head shots was out on the pontoon in the basin. Making use of TPE  (and a bit of luck with the weather) we arranged the shoot for the right time of day so as to be able to frame the portraits with the sun across the side of the subject, whilst also framing their office building in the background.

Chica the dog was the exception to the rule…

Making use of their meeting room and clean white minimal office space we were able to capture the team at work.

To reflect the nature of the business, care was taken in a selection of the photos to play on geometrical shapes within the furniture and space itself.

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