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Cube Precision Engineering has been offering the design, manufacture, and machining of press tools to prime and Tier 1 engineering companies since its inception in 2009. Working in the automotive, rail, aerospace, and defence industries the company employs over fifty staff working around the clock in its purpose built 40000 square foot facility.

As members of the EEF, Midlands Aerospace Alliance and Made In The Midlands, the company is passionate about UK industrial production and meeting their customers exacting standards in quality, delivery, through time-tested and innovative, cutting edge manufacturing processes.

“We wanted some relevant fine art photography for our foyer and meetings rooms. Shoot Rewind took time to understand our requirements and knew exactly how to capture the beauty they saw in our daily work. We are proud to present the striking photographs in our buildings and would highly recommend Shoot Rewind.”

Neil Clifton

Managing Director, Cube Precision Engineering

Neil Clifton, Cube’s MD came to us because he wanted some fine art prints for his foyer and meeting room. He wanted something a bit special and a bit different, something that could expose the care and craftsmanship contained within. It was this similarity in outlook that brought us together,  this mix of craftsmanship, skill and innnovation used to deliver to our customers’ exacting standards.

The Shoot Rewind ethos is built around Hamish and James’ interest in production, in manufacturing. Both are engaged by the romance that comes with turning something into something else through effort and skill both in terms of documenting those spaces as a work environment, and as places for the creation of art.

This seemed like the ideal opportunity to fire up our large format cameras, something about the knurled dials and fine adjustment of the huge machines set against those of the Tachihara and the MPP made perfect sense.

Hamish took a humanist approach prefering to photograph the men at work, giving them scale and shape within an industrial landscape, while James focused on the minutiae, the tools and human-machine interfaces that pepper the factory, but both used Ilford HP5+ pushed a few stops to guarantee a deep but appropriate contrast, a real feeling of steel and shine.

Both then spent some time romping around the factory with 35mm cameras and colour film. The result of both large format and 35mm is a striking collection of images, depicting the work and the environment with all the romance that craftsmanship deserves.

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