Documentary & Process


The properties found in film are naturally aesthetically pleasing. Whether you need a short-form story of a product’s production, or want something longer, analog just looks good.

We can document your process, your project, or your year in the rich and expressive tones that film offers.

Most of the world’s most famous reportage and documentary photography was shot on film. American documentary in the sixties looks like Kodak Tri-X pushed a few stops, Steve McCurry has shown us a world shot on Kodachrome.

By taking your photographs on film we can key your work into that timelessness and create something really special.

Honesty & Romance

Any story that is told correctly can embody both the truth, and some magic. 

The Starting Point

If you're looking for a new identity, start with some relevant, beautiful, and timeless photographs.

The Big Picture

We can offer something with impact, relevance and power for your communal and public spaces.

Book a Consultation

Before we take a single photo, we want to meet you, get to know you, and hear your story.
We specialise in making the special look special.