Film Photography

People are sometimes surprised to find that film is still available, assuming that it died out in the midst of the digital revolution, but this is far from true.

In recent years, film photography has simply become the pastime and trade of photographers who enjoy a more refined and considered approach to their photography.

Film photography has changed since digital became mainstream, becoming initially niche interest, and then a booming revival. This is because when it comes to technology consumers usually obsess about what the ‘new thing’ can do, often at the expense of the real advantages that their current solution provides.

If one is prepared to take the time to learn how to use them, to sacrifce a little convenience, to perhaps carry something heavier and less ergonomic, then one will find something that has no flashing lights or beeping beepers. Just the eye, the film, and the shutter, unhindered by process, freed by skill and experience, and connected to its subject matter.

Suiting the Shoot – Shooting film

We have a range of cameras available to us – it’s one of the joys of being enthusiasts. Hamish’s Leicas are perfect for quick understated reportage, whereas James’s big Fuji and Hasselblad offer serious and unsurpassed image quality. The large format cameras offer insane resolving power and technical movements that allow trickery we would have to show you for you to believe.

Once you know which camera suits the shoot, we decide on film stock. Different films offer different looks, but the same film shot in different circumstances will also shift the look. This is further affected by the way it is developed. For this reason we stock a number of manufacturer’s films, in different versions and speeds, this ensures that we can achieve the look right for you. 

All these considerations are made before a single photo is taken. 

Film in a digital world

We are far from luddites, we know that images for the most part are consumed on screens, that the world is predominantly digital. We shoot film because it affords us and our clients the best possible look, which is why each frame is professionally scanned to create a digital image for print and use online.

The end result of all of this is a process that begins, exists and ends with a great deal of consideration and thought to perfecting the photographic outcome.


I started taking photos when I was 9. My nan bought me a little point & shoot camera that I instantly fell in love with. I used it to capture family holidays and outings as well as school trips – all the sorts of exciting places kids go.

At around 13 years old, after entering a school photography competition, I was told by a photography teacher that I had a good eye for composition. These were words that stuck with me, and spurred me on.

Twenty or so years later and my passion for photography, and indeed cameras has grown, providing me with part of my income for nearly a decade. Whilst I have always found digital photography enjoyable, film photography has remained a big part of my life. Like James, I find great joy in photographically documenting hidden worlds behind closed doors.

It is through this shared joy, and a shared desire to shoot film photography commercially that we formed Shoot Rewind.


I’ve played with cameras since I was six, although it wasn’t until university, where I had unfettered access to a darkroom that the photography really began to develop.

A somewhat obsessional relationship with photography followed, exacerbated by the proliferation of digital alternatives. Eventually the call of the film brought me back to analog, in search of some pathos and feeling the need to differentiate between subject and image. Most of my personal work is now shot on film. The more I’ve done, the more I’ve been able to home in on what it is I want to make and do with photography.

I’m at my happiest when I can go behind the scenes to document hidden, forgotten, separate realities. It sounds trite to say that I like to use my cameras as a tool for exploration, as a means to gain access to these places, but it has been my pleasure to do so.

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